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Acrylic isobornyl ester application Jul 13, 2017


Isobornyl acrylate is a chemical substance, the formula is C13H20O2. This product is used in adhesives, special coatings, with high activity, high hardness, low shrinkage. The use of IBOA as a reactive diluent for radiation curable coatings (inks) can effectively reduce the viscosity of coatings (inks), improve construction performance and improve the leveling of coatings. The use of IBOA as an active diluent for epoxy acrylate oligomers can significantly reduce the internal stress of the coating and reduce the volume shrinkage of the coating, thereby significantly improving the adhesion, shrinkage, impact resistance, Abrasion and weatherability and other characteristics of indicators, while not reducing its hardness and flexibility. IBOA for the protection of the disc on the coating, the fine grain surface has excellent adhesion and scratch resistance, and has excellent finishing performance and make the coating gloss significantly improved. Therefore, IBOA as a radiation curing coating reactive diluent has been widely used in metal shade, glass flexible plastic film, engineering plastics and fiber coatings and other fields, at the same time in some special printing ink such as outdoor inkjet, polyethylene film and other materials Of the printing ink used. IBOA is suitable for the manufacture of high Tg thermoplastic acrylic resin, its products with high hardness, high resistance to alcohol and heat resistance. And has good flexibility. Adhesion and moisture resistance, weather resistance, is a very characteristic of the new acrylic polymer monomer, suitable for the manufacture of such as PET, PE, PP and other soft plastic film coating and PE, PP, PC and other engineering plastic parts Decorative protective coating.