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Application of UV adhesive Jan 08, 2018

Craft glass

Glass products, glass furniture, electronic balance

The crystal jewelry process products, fixed inlays

Transparent plastic process adhesive, PMMA/PS

Electrical and electronic

The coating and sealing of the terminal/relay/capacitor and microswitch

The printed circuit board (PCB) paste the surface element

An integrated circuit block on a printed circuit board

The fixed and the part of the coil wire terminal

The line is mounted on the interface or circuit board

The optical field

Optical fiber adhesion, optical fiber coating protection, repair connections

Digital compact disc

CD/cd-r/cd-rw manufacturing is mainly used for reflection film layer and protective coating

The DVD substrate is glued, and the sealed cover for DVD packaging USES uv curing adhesive

Medical supplies

The use of syringe needle and syringe, intravenous tube adhesion, catheter and medical filter

Respiratory systems, butterfly devices and masks, venous catheters, oxygeners, water storage devices, electronic diagnostic devices, and other medical devices.

Other USES

Small motor: fixed, wire circuit board glued fixed

Light drive: laser head fixed, lens fixed, circuit board fixed

Transfer printing: transfer glue, surface protection glue

The adhesion of auto parts: the bonding and fuel injection system of automobile lamp assembly, mirror and air bag parts

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