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Characteristics of UV coatings Feb 28, 2017

Compared with the General solvent-borne coatings, UV coating characteristics are as follows:

Curing speed

UV coatings in radiation curing UV photons (UV ultraviolet lamps), usually only about 1 second or less, for fast continuous operation, greatly improving production efficiency.

Room temperature cure

UV paint in the common low poly real, as ring oxygen acrylic ester, and Polyurethane acrylic ester, and polyester acrylic ester, and poly ether acrylic ester, and acrylic ester of poly acrylic resin and not full polyester, resin, and various acrylic ester of single functional groups or more functional groups monomer, are can in UV photon of role Xia through free base raised at room temperature aggregate and make joint, thus special conducive to on hot sensitive of base material (as wood, and paper and plastic) of finishing.

Save energy

UV coatings do not require heating and drying, thus in the construction compared with the usual hot-dry paint can save energy 75%~90%.

Save covers an area

UV paint coating equipment is compact, do not need to bake, easy and quick, easy automation, thus saving footprint, and reduce the working space.