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Characteristics of UV light curing resins Feb 28, 2017

(1). safety and environmental protection. Is a solvent-free UV resin resin, solid content of 100% upon illumination all turns into film. film full of light, no harmful gas emission during the curing process, helps to improve the working environment and to prevent pollution. (2). high production efficiency, not under the influence of the cold season, fast curing at room temperature. (3). film-forming properties, high gloss UV varnishing not only film, smooth and heat resistance, water resistance, scratch resistance and other properties. (4). may be operable. due to UV light of different traditional curing mechanism, without the limitation of coating, coating of objects without a UV light does not cure, there is plenty of time to exhaust except bubble, with clean well maintained, not out of resin can be continued to use, reduce waste and save costs. (5). the brush can be used. spraying. roller coating, curtain coating process, the coating can be thick or thin, for products requiring film thickness can be painted several times. Basic principles of 2.UV resin curing mechanism of UV light is to use a certain band of ultraviolet radiation caused by rapid curing, make an object transparent gloss coating on the surface, the role to beautify the decoration. Due to light curing speed and light of strength into is proportional to the, so to improve light strength, full using light except selection high energy of purple outside lamp, also must will lamp and work of irradiation distance shortened to minimum, as used low energy light, lamp from best in 6-8CM, lamp Zhijian of distance more key more good, best root root by. as using high-energy high pressure lamp, irradiation distance should in 25-35CM. high-energy Lantern makes temperature increased, makes curing speed speed up, in operation in the should integrated grasp. 3.UV glazing operation note light-curing resin is an independent body of material in use should be noted: (1). light cure resin cannot be used with other paint mixing.