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Definition of UV coatings Feb 28, 2017

UV are UV (Ultra-Violet Ray) the abbreviation. Industrial UV wavelength 200nm to 450 nm as its scope of application. UV radiation to "UV irradiation hardening of materials" of the hardening process, which we call "UV Curing Process". UV coatings by dipping, coating, paint coating, spin coating, vacuum coating method of coating, then by ultraviolet photon irradiation cured film. As its name suggests, UV curing and UV light exposure can not be separated. This technique originated in the 70 's the international coatings market, is a new green technologies. Using the technology of production of UV-curing coatings, UV coatings for short. The end of 20th century, UV-curable coatings became popular in the West, Japan and other places, is a representative fashion paint. First used in mobile phones, DVD, portable shell surface coating treatment, but its field of application is further extended to cosmetics, home appliances such as TV sets and computers.

UV curing coatings do not contain volatile organic compounds (VOC), environmental pollution, fast curing, energy-saving, cured product performance, suitable for high-speed automated production and so on. Traditional coatings volatile, slow curing, is not conducive to environmental protection. Thus, UV coating is the main alternative to traditional paints.