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Industry application of UV coatings Feb 28, 2017

The coating is mainly used for a long time in the furniture industry PU, PE, NC coatings, by spraying, low efficiency and high cost, not only pollute the environment and affect workers ' health. UV coatings for environmentally friendly, low cost, ease of mechanisation and high efficiency advantages, attracting more and more attention, known as "green industrial technology of the 21st century." Use UV coatings manufacturers more and more the past two years, this will be the future trend.

UV equipment production line furniture factory in time, can't run with the crowd, according to their own specific circumstances, decided to dive in and return. There are many manufacturers buy the UV lines, impatient, because technology is not skilled, personnel factors such as low ability to control machines, not functioning properly, use UV coatings do not like the legendary low efficiency, but tricky, shelf, no questions asked and went back to traditional painting methods.

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