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UV coating composition Feb 28, 2017

UV coatings for different applications and components is different, but the basic structure can be summarized as follows:

Reactive diluent

Main function is a component of dissolved solids of UV coatings, adjust viscosity. Is not an ordinary paint diluent of UV coatings volatile organic solvents, but directly involved in curable film-forming process of responsive non-volatile solvents. Reactive diluent in terms of chemical structure, and generally be a big molecular weight and molecular class of monomer contains polymerizable functional groups, the film becomes part of the film.


Also called oligomers or oligomers are basic skeleton of UV coatings, UV photon forms a solid structure under the action of the film, and give the characteristics of the film, such as hardness, flexibility, adhesion, gloss, anti-aging properties.


Is a key component of UV coatings, its function is to transfer energy ultraviolet photons, quickly lead to Crosslinking polymerization of monomers and oligomers, promoting system of liquid-solid conversion process. According to the trigger mechanism, free radical and cationic initiators can be divided into two major types.


As its name suggests, in order to meet specific requirements, improved film properties and add some of the ancillary components, such as flow agents, defoaming agents, substrate lubricants, matting agents, dispersants, stabilizer, surface smoothing agent. These additives and solvent-borne coatings for routine use of additives is no different.