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UV glue common problem one Sep 19, 2017

UV glue after curing why white?

In the glass industry often appear this phenomenon, whitening phenomenon is actually the glue itself produced tiny bubbles, because the glue curing process will produce shrinkage, if the adhesive layer thickness is uneven or hardness is too high, shrinkage caused by the internal stress can not be released, A long time there will be a small bubble, that is, we see the white phenomenon, until the bonding material off.

The solution to this problem is:

One is to choose flexible formulations of UV glue;

Second, the adhesive layer of uniform control; Third, the initial solid use of low-power UV lamps, so that the curing speed of glue slow, positioning in the use of high-power UV device depth curing, because the glue curing speed too fast, Will increase the shrinkage of glue.