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About The Use And Maintenance Of UV Curing Equipment Nov 01, 2017

    The use and maintenance of UV curing machine

    Once the user has determined the type of UV curing machine according to the relevant conditions, then the problem of use and maintenance is followed.

    In general, a set of UV curing machine has a voltage stability of power supply circuit, the normal boot for UV curing machine and the work is very important, conditions allow plan had better be to use a dedicated power supply circuit, without conditions, UV curing machines and other production equipment in the same power supply circuit, then the other production equipment of electric power cannot too big, generally less than the electric power of the UV curing machine more appropriate, if stable operation, and other equipment cannot appear frequently intermittent current changes. In addition, please note that the UV curing machine startup if there are any current voltage instability, UV curing lights could not be opened, should immediately stop start, shut off the power, testing power supply situation, after waiting for the power supply is normal, and restart again. Otherwise, it will damage the capacitor, trigger and other components, causing inconvenience to production. The normal and stable power line is beneficial to the start-up, normal operation and service life of UV curing machine.


     In use process, UV curing machine parts and mechanical operation of the electrical control part such as failure, must seek professional equipment maintenance personnel and professional electrical maintenance personnel for processing, part-time personnel bad touch down the abuse, in order to avoid personal casualty accident, damage of the UV curing machine parts, if there is no spare parts replacement is the broth.

      To extend the service life of the UV curing machine, ensure the normal operation of the UV curing machine to ensure normal production, professional maintenance personnel and professional operation personnel must cooperate with each other, and do the following several aspects: (1) shall be fully before every boot look for abnormalities in the UV curing machine, if there is any abnormal condition should be timely to professional responsible for the maintenance personnel to reflect, waiting to eliminate abnormal condition, to determine the normal started again after work. Professional maintenance personnel must always check the operation of the rotating parts, make sure to listen to the four principles, and make necessary adjustments and repairs in time if abnormal conditions are found. (3) the operator after the completion of the work, check the residue in the cleaning machine in time, please don't rinse the UV curing machine, also want to keep dry and clean the work site to prevent electrical equipment be affected with damp be affected with damp, damage and leakage phenomenon. The parts of UV curing machine are maintained according to certain cycle, and the UV curing lamp and reflective mask are cleaned and polished. Replace the UV - curing lamp tube with aging and aging to ensure the UV strength of normal production. (5) periodically sweeping overhaul of the UV curing machine, replace worn transmission parts, bearing of transmission part thoroughly clean and grease, repackaging, carried out in accordance with the installation dimension check carefully, to ensure stable and flexible rotating part.