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C5H8O3 Chemical Monomer 2 Hydroxy Ethyl Acrylate Oct 30, 2017

Product Name: C5H8O3 Chemical Monomer 2 hydroxy Ethyl Acrylate

Synonym: 2-Hydroxyethylester kyselinyakrylove

CAS No.: 818-61-1 

EINECS: 212-454-9

Abb: HEA

MF: C5H8O3

MW: 116.1152


Purity 95.23%min

Acid value ≤0.24(mgKOH/g)

Water content 0.22%

 C5H8O3 Chemical Monomer 2 hydroxy Ethyl Acrylate

1) UV Active Diluent 


It reacts in the formula and has a good dilution effect.The adhesion is also improved.

It is the diluent or thinner in fields followed.

(1). Plastic spraying

(2). UV wood coatings

(3). Gusset plate paint

(4). Vacuum plating paint

(5). Paper varnish



2) Synthesise the Raw Materials


> Synthesise thermosetting acrylic resin, and use amino resin to make baked coating.

> Synthesise UV resin, such as amino acrylate, polyester acrylates and urethane acrylate

> Synthesise adhesive, fiber finishing agent (UV glue, acrylic adhesive, etc.)