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Comparison Of Water Based Paint And Oil Paint Feb 28, 2017

Over the years, rapid development of water based paint, unstoppable in the Mall battle with the oil paint, completely changed the traditional paint "and one for all" format is now as good as traditional oil paint, even top trend ... ... From prospects view, water paint alternative oily paint imperative, just sooner or later of questions, but at view, water paint wants to in this separatist disputes of smoke Mall Shang completely alternative oily wood also not actual, at water paint because some reasons in Mall Shang implementation resistance larger, will led many company in early returns bad of situation Xia subsequent weak, missing terror of determination and Achiever to water paint recommends attack of courage, so, China water paint career will will falling long time of stalemate during, this scene Xia, Water based paint and oil paint can coexist in a State of calm for a long time.

At that time, China waterborne paint product primary category 3: Acrylic is a primary component of water based paint, the first feature good adhesion, do not add color, but poor abrasion resistance and chemical resistance, due to its low cost and high technical content, is a market commodity. Second, acrylic and polyurethane compounds as the primary ingredient, which features in addition to the following characteristics of acrylic paint and increased abrasion resistance and chemical resistance strong characters, both used for doors and Windows, furniture goods. Waterborne polyurethane paint is three percent, its wear resistance get oil paint several times, for advanced waterborne paint products. We know from here, water based paint type type, quality, and not all water based paint quality, performance can exceed on oil paint.

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