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How To Choose The Right UV/UV Curing Device ? Nov 10, 2017

UV curing device is a kind of mechanical equipment which can make available strong UV. It has been widely used in printing, electronics, building materials, machinery and other industries. The type and style of UV curing device varies from one to the other, but the ultimate purpose is to solidify UV ink or UV light. The UV curing device consists of a light source system, a ventilation system, a control system, a transmission system and a few parts of the box.

one:Light source system:

It consists of UV lamp tube, lamp shade, transformer (ballast), capacitor (trigger).

1. UV lamp

At present, the UV lamp on the market is divided into high voltage mercury lamp and metal halide lamp. High pressure mercury lamp is widely used in domestic equipment, and some metal halogen lamps are used in imported equipment.

(1) selection of UV lamp power. UV lamp power is UV light radiation energy, also known as penetrating power. First of all, it must meet the requirements of UV ink (light oil) absorption spectrum wavelength and power density. If the power of UV lamp is not enough, even if the light time is longer, the number of times of UV curing device will not reach the full cure. On the contrary, the UV ink (light oil) surface aging, sealing, and brittle, and the adhesion of ink (light oil) will not be good, will make the laminates between the laminates. Because low power UV light cannot penetrate the bottom of the ink layer, the bottom is not cured or cured.

(2) the UV lamp power generally needs to meet the requirements of 80 ~ 120W/cm, but the greater the power, the greater the heat will be. Therefore, the power should be selected according to the curing and curing speed.

(3) the maximum life expectancy of UV lamp is 800-1000 hours, which should be changed after reaching the end. Since the UV light emitted by the UV lamp at this time is weaker, it will affect the curing effect. Also suggested that during the using period according to the production environment (air dust content), at the appropriate time with anhydrous ethanol clean tube surface and reflection on the surface of the reflector plate, then transfer the UV lamp 90 °. In this way, the UV rays can be effectively radiated to UV ink or light oil, ensuring a certain penetration.

uv lamp.jpg

2. The reflector

The type of reflector is focused, non-focused and multifaceted. The focus type is generally used. The structure of the reflector is reflected in the UV light energy concentration, the efficiency of light curing is high, which is beneficial to the ink curing of thick ink layer, which can completely solidify the ink.

What should be noted in this respect is the selection and shape of the reflector.

(1) selection

Must choose aluminous material, and does not choose iron or stainless steel, in order to save cost for stainless steel plate at high temperature becomes black, black after not reflective effect, still can absorb light. The best reflection effect is the mirror oxide aluminum plate, its reflectivity can reach over 80%, thus greatly increasing the utilization rate of uv.

(2) the shape

The shape of the reflector is to ensure that the UV light can be assembled together, so the semi-circular shape is the best. Also note the location of the UV lamp tube to ensure that it is in focus. In addition, the reflector is an important channel for the heat dissipation of the UV lamp, so it is necessary to process the outside of the aluminum cover into a radiator to increase the heat dissipation area.

Reflector plays an important role in UV curing device. Some manufacturers tend to ignore its effects, and use some substitutes to act as reflectors, or even to install reflectors, so that 40 to 50 percent of UV light is wasted. However, some manufacturers have responded by blindly increasing the power of UV lamps, which will not only solve the problem, but also cause more waste of electricity.

3. transformer

The selection of transformer must match the power of the UV lamp, that is, the transformer must have enough output voltage to ensure that the UV lamp can work at full power. If the output voltage is too high, the lamp will burn. And the output voltage is too low, the lamp tube can not all the power work, so that the ultraviolet output strength is insufficient.

4. capacitor

The capacitance selection should be matched with the lamp tube and transformer, and the voltage of the capacitor is selected according to the output voltage of the transformer. If the selection is improper, the capacitor can be punctured, affecting the normal work of UV curing device.

Two:Ventilation system:

It consists of a fan, a duct and a wind shield. What should be noted here is the selection of the fan and the control of air volume and the mode of exhaust.

1. The selection of the fan shall be determined according to the power of the UV lamp and the actual situation of the box space. The wind and the wind are generally used for two dryers, but there are only one fan. The fan power is insufficient, the exhaust quantity is not enough, the temperature is too high in the machine box, the lamp tube life is shortened, and even the melting, the quality of the solidified product is not guaranteed. If the fan power is too large, the air volume will be too low in the cabinet. The UV lamp won't be able to work at full power.

2. Air volume control means the air volume of UV curing device should be adjustable. This is because want to consider the summer and winter temperature difference is very big, many factories do not have a constant temperature workshop, so if the UV curing devices with the same air in winter and summer work will affect the quality of the products. Usually use the method of temperature control to control two fan, reaches a certain temperature is automatically restart a fan, to reach a certain temperature and then start another fan, and shifting is set on the exhaust and the air inlet valve to control the intake and exhaust air volume.

3. The way to exhaust the wind is to take the wind off the wind or to the wind. But either way, not the wind blows directly to the UV lamp, because the consequences of doing so is to make the UV lamp for heat loss is too big and not full power work (changed from white to not dazzling light blue), make the ink doesn't dry.

Three:Control system

It is a system that controls the whole work of the optical solid. The notable here is:

1. The control of the fan is best controlled by temperature control (mentioned in the previous section), since the control of the fan can be neglected and inaccurate.

2. The lamp should be turned on first, and then the fan (fan is not temperature control) after 2 to 3 minutes.

3. After shutdown, the fan should be kept in operation until the lamp tube and cabinet are cooled.

4. The secondary starting will wait until the tube is completely cooled and then started.

uv lamp.jpg

Four:Transmission system

It consists of a speed-regulating motor (or variable frequency control), a conveyor belt, a chain (or a transmission roller). What should be noted here is the regulation of speed.

The curing speed should be considered from two aspects, one is full cure and the second is solidified at the best speed.

Optimum speed selection method is: will the product first by UV curing devices at a certain speed, if the curing, to speed up again, until the ink layer of the product through UV curing device out can't cure. That's the velocity times 0. 8 is the optimal speed. Also pay attention to the use time of the lamp tube, because as the Uv lamp USES the attenuation of energy, the speed should also be slow.

Five:the box body

The size of the box is determined according to the application of the UV curing device. It should be noted that: to smooth the surface of the box, the inner light can be irradiated to a layer, so as to avoid the external temperature of the box body. There should be no leakage of light outside.

In conclusion, in order to make the UV curing device safe and normal operation, the light curing can achieve the best effect. The above components should be paid attention to, and no link should be ignored.