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Isobornyl Methacrylate IBOMA Exported To Korea Aug 02, 2017

Isobornyl Methacrylate IBOMA:

1.Simple Introduction

Synonym: Methacrylic acid isobornyl ester

  CAS No.: 7534-94-3


  Abb: IBOMA

  molecular formula:C14H22O2

  molecular weight:222.32

2.Function and Application

   1) Function: the product is widely used as active monomer material to improve the adhesion, hardness, wear resistance/abrasion performance, the surface glossiness/ the degree of surface finish, the temperature of glass transition, water resisting property and compatibility with other materials. At the same time, it can lower the viscosity, surface tension and chroma of the basic resins.

   2) At present, the two products are mainly used in UV coating and EB coating, as a active diluent/ thinner for some kinds of resins, printing ink, paint, adhesive and coating agent. 

3.The picture delivery to Korea.