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Liquid Clear Repair Glue For Plastic PVC/PP/ABS Dec 08, 2017

Repair Glue for Plastic --PVC/PP/ABS

 Uv glue for plastic (2).jpg
Package & Shiping of UV glue:
Stored in a cool and dry place
Shelf life: 1 year
1. Package of UV glue:   15g/bottle, 50g/bottle, 250g/bottle
                                       10 bottles/carton, 30bottles/carton 
                                       50 bottles/carton, 60 bottles/carton
 2.Shipping of UV glue: 
 1) by air/by ship/by sea
 2) by Express: DHL,TNT, FEDEX, EMS, UPS.
 3. Payment terms of UV glue: T/T, West Union, Paypal, Money gram
 4.Delivery of UV glue: in stock, within 3-5 days after receiving the payment

Note when using UV glue:
1. First cleaning glass and bonding after it becomes dry.
2. When bonding, below drying the glass surface before construction in rainy season and winter before bonding, in order to ensure the stability of the product.
Advantage of UV glue
One-component uv/visible light curing modified acrylate adhesive structure, low odor, fast curing, high bonding strength and toughness after curing rubber, ability strong wallop, yellowing resistance ageing resistance, water resistance and cold resistance is excellent, low volume shrinkage ratio, etc.
1) Environment / safety
 No pollution in air and environment because of no VOC volatile;
 Adhesive composition confirms to environmental regulations;
 Solvent-free, nonflammable 
 2) Economy
 Fast curing, curing in a few seconds to tens of seconds, suitable for automated 
 production, improve productivity
 Space-saving, as uv glue can be carried out after the curing