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Our Best Protective Outer Packaging Intruction Oct 26, 2017

Protective Outer Packaging

Shandong Allplace has developed innovative packaging systems to help protect materials that are susceptible to damage such as round and rectangular cans, pails, jugs, bottles, and tubes. The enhanced packaging provides extra protection against damage that may occur during transit and compensates for lower quality primary packaging, all at no extra cost to our customer.

Key Features:

  • Premium corrugated boxes

  • Containers insulated from box wall

  • No-memory PK foam inserts fitted to container

  • System for quarts, gallons, and pails

  • Recyclable materials



  • Reduced packaging damage

  • Added security

  • Reliable quality

  • Lower scrap and disposal costs

  • No product leakage

  • Green packaging system

  • Elimination of packaging related returns

  • Increase worker safety by eliminating chemical spills