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Paint Alkyd Resin Can Be Used For Car Original Paint Feb 28, 2017

Nature of the alkyd resin paint for short oil alkyd resin. Paint making this kind of resin is suitable when an acid, polybasic acids, polyols, thought guidelines are as follows.

① monobasic acids due to thinking weather elements, chosen by the usually low iodine value of fatty acids in vegetable oil fatty acids (such as soybean oil acid, palmitoleic acid, coconut oil, acid, lauric acid, etc) or the composition of fatty acids (such as the C9 acid, c:. Acid, C12, acid, etc). Trucks, light trucks, agricultural vehicles and other vehicles of the masses choose short oil alkyd resin, and luxury cars with paint, then choose composition of fatty acid modified alkyd resin and polyester resin.

② polybasic acids are still dominated by phthalic anhydride, rarely used theory better ageing resistance function of tetrahydrophthalic anhydride, isophthalic acid and so on. Other useful drop of maleic anhydride resin color, improve product viscosity, but due to its poor resistance to aging, so do not advocate use this type of polybasic acids with unsaturated double bonds.

③ polyols as there is car paint using melamine-formaldehyde resin as crosslinker, so do not advocate use of primary hydroxyl group-containing polyols such as trimethylol propane, Pentaerythritol, best selection of glycerine class. Of course, if auto assembly plants have their own appointment, such as coating plant, the storage period shall not exceed 3 months. Ethylene glycol, diethylene glycol, propylene glycol is often used for alkyd resin composition, the diol is a resin produced much better flexibility, but as a polyol resin ethylene glycol water resistance is a bit poor, advocates such as propylene glycol, dipropylene glycol.