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Paints-determination Of Extensibility Feb 28, 2017

1. the first instrument

① tensile test machine II-pound steel tank plate c aluminum plate about paint asbestos cement sheets; II stainless steel plate; f electric stove with boring box; sadly UV aging Chamber ⑧ glazed.

2. the experiment process

(1) preparation of the specimen. Stainless steel gate and barrier for every brush again, then take two pieces of aluminum plate (thick coating) or asbestos cement boards (thin coating) into the Groove, in the slot on either side of the small Groove into separating strips of stainless steel, aluminum or asbestos cement dock fixed in the Middle slot, gaps between the two boards cannot be greater than 0.05mm. Then take has stirred 勻 of thick quality paint (26 ± 0. l) g or thin quality paint (8 scholar 0. l) g, points times altered in try Board Shang, each altered Hou put in boring box in the Yu (40 scholar 2) ° c Xia boring 4H~8h, eventually a altered Hou should in boring box in the boring 24h, hot with sharp of knife cut try pieces near, makes try pieces and slot Board and across article from, each samples prepared 12 a try pieces.

(2) no disposition determination of stretching. Place the specimen under specification conditions 2H, and specimens in tension clamp, the device recorded rally ruler shown in numerical (l. ) To certain speed tensile specimens to crack or split imagery, such as stop, recorded the moment scale values (m), the readings accurate to 0. 5mm。

(3) after heat treatment-determination of tensile. Will try pieces placed glaze brick Shang, then together put in (70 scholar 2) ° c of boring box within, try pieces and boring box wall interval not is less than 50mm, try pieces middle and thermometer of mercury ball should in same horizontal Shang, thermostat 168H Hou out, immediately survey try pieces has no flow, and sparkling, bad change, if has change is should continuous experiment, if no change is by try pieces of rules for experiment.