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The Technique Of Sticking Uv Glue (non Shadow Glue) With Acrylic Sheet Nov 20, 2017

Uv glue (no shadow glue) acrylic sheet adhesion technique

The adhesion of the non shadow glue acrylic sheet is mainly affected by two aspects: the applicability and the technique of adhesion.

Acrylic sheet bonding technique

1. Connect the two parts of the acrylic sheet that need to be connected to the operating platform, and glue a piece of adhesive tape at the bottom, leaving a gap that is not more than 0.3mm wide to prepare the adhesive. Then use the syringe to inject the adhesive slowly from side to side, until fully cured, then remove the adhesive tape.

The two and face visco grafting facade is one of the most widely used adhesion technology. The surface that should be adhered to should be wiped clean first. It is better to use the die to achieve bonding, so that the adhesive does not shake, which is conducive to improve the quality of adhesion. The thickness of the acrylic sheet is 3mm. It can be attached to fine wire and used for bonding. The wire is drawn out before the adhesive solidifies. Or you can use the adhesive tape to protect the adhesive tape, then apply the adhesive to the area where the adhesive is applied, and then push the pressure plate into the pressure plate to squeeze out the bubbles.

3. It must use 90 degree Angle to avoid displacement of surface. The adhesive should be uniform and slow. The mold can be removed when completely cured.

The plane bonding plane is a special kind of bonding method. First, the adhesive surface shall be cleaned and placed horizontally, with a proper amount of adhesive on the surface. Place the side of another acrylic sheet on the acrylic sheet that is coated with the adhesive and then slowly put it down, and then push the bubble out and finish the adhesive.

5. Precautions for adhesion of acrylic sheet:

1. All of the acrylic adhesives can corrode the surface of the acrylic sheet and leave no trace, so you can use the adhesive tape to protect the parts that need not be glued.

2. Grease, dust, or stomata can hinder the uniform coating of adhesives and leave bubbles, so it must be removed before sticking.

3. If the adhesive is used too little, it will bring the adhesive into the air when it contracts.

4. The direct air blowing will cause the edge of the adhesive to be whitened by the fast volatilization of the adhesive.

5. Before the adhesive fails to solidify completely, the direct exposure of the sun's rays will cause the yellowing of acrylic products to varying degrees and seriously affect the aesthetics of acrylic products.

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