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UV Light Guide Plate Of Ink Types And Characteristics Feb 28, 2017

Rapid development of UV ink is a guide plate green ink, volatile and thermosetting and drying and other types of inks than with fast-curing at low temperature, do not contain volatile organic solvents, less pollution, occupies a small, high efficiency, low energy consumption. With the increase of UV-curing materials, prices fell sharply, UV light guide plate ink usage and growth surprise, areas of application has been expanded, and the emergence of different functions, a wide variety of special UV ink. Does not contain volatile solvents such as UV materials characteristics, developed the UV Braille printing ink, Braille printing ink, marble, Crystal ink ink curing film Crosslinking density, good heat resistance and wear resistance characteristics, developed characters UV solder mask, UV inks.

UV light guide plate ink in contrast to traditional ink

1. the advantages of

1) most UV products without the use of solvents, 100% solid substances;

2) improve print quality: through high density cross-linked polymers produced by the combination of structure, with a high degree of tenacity, fouling, resistance to abrasion and solvent-resistant properties;

3) Instant drying, UV radiation-free when dry, shut down without fear of dry ink;

4) without dusting of offset printing; printing out of paper can be carried out immediately after processing;