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Essential For The Paint And Coatings Industry Knowledge Feb 28, 2017

Paint, customarily we call paint. Whether high-grade decoration, decoration, using paint. First effect is to maintain the appearance of the paint, the second effect is the polished effect. In terms of wood products, appearance wood products is a porous structure, not resistant to dirt, looks more eye, not beautiful. Paint will be able to deal with these questions.

Paint types described here, selection and notes. Of course, since too many kinds of real paint, we only introduce to decorate some of the.

1. paint the classification

1) part. Primary into wall paint paint, wood paint and metal paint. Wall paint includes paint for exterior wall, interior wall paint and top coat was the latex paint and other types wood top with nitrocellulose lacquer, Polyurethane paint; metallic paint top is enamel.

2) according to the classification of status. Paint can be divided into acrylic paint and oil paint. Latex paint is the first water based paint, and paint, polyurethane lacquer and many attributed to the oil paint.

Classified by function. Paint can be divided into waterproof paints, fireproof paints, mildew proof paint paint, mosquito and versatile paint with a variety of functions, and so on.

4) breakdown by effect shape. Paint paint paint can be classified as volatile and non-volatile.

Classification by appearance effect. Paint can be divided into bright paint, half-lit brightly lit paint and no paint.