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PET Membrane Composite UV Glue Nov 22, 2017

          This uv glue is high transparency and high strength optical uv glue, can use low energy ultraviolet (uv) light irradiation method to achieve the effect of curing, mainly used in demand high transparent optical membrane module, then, such as: PET film and film then.

characteristics : low curing energy, toughness after curing, excellent impact resistance, high resistance to water and high heat resistance, not yellow change, high transmittance, low fog

Processing description: the degree of hardening of this uv glue is related to the intensity and exposure time of uv (uv) light. This product should be extended with the increase of hardening thickness.

Note: if there is a PET film or glass in the top layer, the curing time will need to be increased. The thickness of the film will be increased, and the thickness of the film will be longer.

Recommended curing energy: 200 mu m glue thickness is directly exposed by 365nm UV light, which can be completely cured within 1000J/cm.

23 Uv Glue for Acrylic.jpg