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Resolving UV Gel After Use To Avoid Failure Feb 28, 2017

UV glue how to avoid failure. Many glues as soon after use, if water or oil, will soon lead to glue role lose effect. Because the glue on the production time, tends to be very common chemical materials, and without additional processing. It lasted a long time not to use.

UV glue smell, environmental protection, curing speed and maneuverability, low shrinkage.

Product use:

Widely application Yu: glass products, glass furniture, electronic scales stick received, Crystal jewelry process products, fixed mosaic, transparent plastic process products stick received, PMMA/PS, terminals/following electrical/capacitor and micro-switch of coated loaded and sealed, printed circuit board paste surface components, printed circuit board Shang IC block stick received, coil wire terminal of fixed and parts of stick received, optical fiber bonded, fiber coated enough protection, patch connection, reflection film layer, and protection film layer of coated covered, DVD base board stick received, Seal cover for DVD packaging using UV-curing adhesives, in the face of such a situation when using UV gel must be kept in a dry place. Avoid direct sunlight so as to ensure the long-term use of glue is not wrong. Most of the time is used up, then follow-up process as much as possible of the store in a dark place.

Put into the freezer for storage so that you can save much more lasting, many glue about shelf life is 3 years of time, save the seal must be good can cannot have any glue leaking out. Once accidentally leaked out of direct contact with the air, the glue will change the quality of the product itself, as well as the latest purchases as well.