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Solution Packaging And Printing Ink Crusts Three Killer Feb 28, 2017

Packaging and printing ink crusts measures taken as we all know, when printing ink in the ink in the process due to the surface when dry and form a hierarchy, or place a stirring device, or simply the ink out, otherwise, the coating will be attached to the roller, which will cause the layout to form depressions, which lead to cut pollution in printing.

The reason ink which favours:

(1) the ink dried too fast;

(2) ink illiquid;

(3) the precipitation has dried of ink.

But everyone knows of this phenomenon is the result of ink system volatilization, oxidation drying or evaporation, or gradient caused by the printing industry thinks that ink barrels of ink or ink fountain structure, resulting in stagnant retention part, escaping from the dryer air drying the ink surface or a hot hair dryer blows caused by the ink in the ink fountain.

Although controversial, it's focus is the emergence of this phenomenon, print operators generally use is:

(1) the ink does not dry too quickly;

(2) add in the slow solvent;

(3) replace the bad ink, from illiquid to high liquidity;

(4) keep mixing in the ink;

(5) setting a closed roof at the ink;